Bulletproof Coffee vs Nootropics, which is better for energy?

We all need energy, our physical performance, our cognitive performance, our mood and even our relationships are better when we have energy. Diet, sleep and workout regimes are the most crucial components of an energy-yielding lifestyle yet even with the best regime there is still room for an energy boost. A Coffee, Tea, Energy Drink and most recently Bulletproof Coffee’s & Nootropics are used to quickly remedy low energy.

Bulletproof Coffee & Nootropic drinks or supplements target a stream of clear, cognitive energy, the kind that we need in the office or school, so which is better?

Bulletproof Coffee -

Strictly speaking, Bulletproof Coffee was coined by Dave Asprey’s brand Bulletproof for their upgraded coffee product, however, is now more generally associated with the combination of Coffee, Ghee Butter & MCT Oil (or sometimes just Coffee & Butter). Whilst often messy, Bulletproof Coffee is fairly simple to make, guidelines stipulate adding 1 Teaspoon MCT Oil and 2 Teaspoon Ghee Butter to your cup of freshly made Coffee, wait a few moments and enjoy the energy boosting, keto inducing and craving curbing benefits. We should note that Bulletproof Coffee made this way contains in excess of 300 calories and is traditionally intended as a replacement for breakfast, yielding best results on an empty stomach.

Why it works - In the most simplistic way possible Bulletproof coffee aims to provide immediate and sustained energy through combining readily available energy sources with energy sources that require more processing and thus more time.

1. Caffeine from your Coffee will stimulate your body & mind.

2. MCT Oil provides a rapidly available source of fatty acids that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and provide the brain with a sustainable energy source.

3. A few hours after consumption you will start to feel the slow-burning but sustainable energy from the butter which should keep you going for hours.

The premise here is that in the absence of carbohydrates, fats provide a much smoother energy source, eliminating spikes and crashes and when given the stimulatory kick of caffeine can provide a very useful, carbohydrate free source of all-day energy.

Criticism - Due to the MCT Oils Bulletproof Coffee can be tough on a delicate stomach leading to diarrhoea, cramps & nausea. Bulletproof can be very messy and is not exactly travel-friendly. It is designed to substitute breakfast and for a drink has a very high-calorie count (as much as a small McDonalds Milkshake).

Benefits - Curbs hunger and food cravings. Yields a steady flow of long-lasting energy. Is high in fat and low in carbohydrate thus works in conjunction with the Ketogenic Diet (a diet that has been linked with improved cognitive performance and longevity) and some people love the taste of a creamy Coffee.

Nootropics -

The true definition of a nootropic is something that enhances cognitive function, predominantly executive functions like productivity, memory, processing speed, creativity, motivation. The effects we typically see from Nootropics are increased energy, mental clarity and the motivation to work or study for longer and at greater capacity. Nootropic supplements vary widely in their designed purpose so for fairness in this comparison, we have chosen to model the arguments for and against Nootropics on our energy-yielding nootropic Vi-Brain. Vi-Brain is a combination of 9 Nootropic ingredients, ranging from Amino Acids to Herbs and to natural stimulants. Vi-Brain targets improved cognitive energy, mental clarity (the clearing of brain fog) and heightened focus. Much like bulletproof coffee, Vi-Brain works on shorter and longer term energy systems to give an immediate but sustained flow of energy.

Criticism - Not a source of dietary energy (very low calories). Since some nootropic ingredients work on deficiencies in the diet, you may already have sufficient levels and feel no effect. The price point is higher than a home-brewed Coffee. 

Benefits - An immediate boost to cognitive energy, improved cognition, improved productivity and is Neuroprotective. It is versatile, Calorie Free, Tasteless, Suitable for Vegans and high in antioxidants. 

Bulletproof Coffee vs Nootropics


Summary -

We are here today to talk about energy, on that front both Nootropic supplements and bulletproof coffee’s boast great energy-yielding capabilities, both in immediate and sustained energy. The difference coming in versatility, ease of use, cost and the addition of Nootropics having the capability to improve cognitive function and productivity. 

If you are looking to replace your breakfast with a tried and true energy booster, Bulletproof Coffee would be our recommended option. For those who are looking for an ad hoc boost in energy & cognition that can be utilised anywhere at any time, Nootropics would be our recommendation.

Keep in mind, you can, of course, utilise both Bulletproof Coffee and a Nootropic supplement.

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