What is the best diet for sustained Energy & Vitality?

Diet & Supplements

A nutritious and well-balanced diet is the key to a happy and healthy life. A well-balanced diet means consuming the right amount of nutrition that can help you in maintaining your daily body functions, support your growth and development, and also make your body resistant against diseases. 

Proper nutrition is key to sustaining energy levels and information on foods that should be included in your diet is readily available online so in this blog post, we will discuss items that are in your diet that may be having a negative effect and decreasing your energy along with delving into eating regimes that facilitate this.

The most common cause of lethargy, lack of energy & brain fog is inflammation. Inflammation causes our joints to seize up, our muscles to feel heavy and the speed we process information between cells to slow. There are 3 main diets that aim to reduce inflammation in the body:

  • Ketogenic Diet: This diet follows the high on fat, low on carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein approach. The ‘keto’ diet aims to get more calories from fats and proteins instead of using carbs. It works to reduce inflammation by depleting your body of glycogen, so the body is forced to look for an alternative fuel supply by breaking down protein and fat for energy.

Benefits of Keto Diet:


  • Paleo Diet: Also known as the ‘Caveman Diet’ or the ‘Stone Age’ diet, the modern-day Paleo diet basically follows the dietary styles of our prehistoric ancestors. It calls for high-protein and high-fibre eating plan that can help you shed some weight without losing too many calories. Processed foods go out of the window, and whole foods that require no preparation come in. This diet essentially includes lots of meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Since our ancestors never had any access to sugary cereals, wheat and dairy products, along with grains and legumes and mostly relied on meats, that is what Paleo diet comprises of. If the cavemen didn’t eat it, neither should you. That’s Paleo diet in a nutshell.

Benefits of Paleo Diet:


  • Intermittent Fasting: For those who have a hard time monitoring their calorie intake or meticulously track every bite, intermittent fasting is a great solution. Skipping that breakfast may not all be that bad if you are looking to lose some weight and deplete fats. Intermittent fasting is a diet that balances periods of eating with not eating. It requires you to focus on when you chose to sit down for your meals instead of what you choose to fill your plate with. Many people who follow this diet type adopt the 12 to 16 hours overnight fast in which they have their last meal by 8 p.m. and then have their breakfast the next day, not before 12 p.m.


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:


Dietary supplements for Vitality & Energy

Combined with a balanced diet, supplements also make it much easier for the body to get the necessary nutrients. Dietary supplements of today include vitamins, minerals, herbals, enzymes, fibre and much more. They come in various forms from conventional tablets and powders to drinks and energy bars. When searching for energy & vitality supplements once group reigns supreme, these are called Nootropic supplements.

A Nootropic is defined as a substance that may enhance cognition & memory and facilitate learning in healthy individuals. Often referred to as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, Nootropics are generally herbs, vitamins and natural extracts. In 2015 the global nootropics market was valued at USD 1.35 Billion and is expected to reach over 6 Billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of 17.9% from 2016 to 2024. Nootropics aim to boost brain function through various methods, most predominantly by increasing the production and signalling of various neurotransmitters. When neurotransmitters are able to send signals more efficiently, you may experience improvements in mood, energy, concentration, attention span, processing speed and ability.

Some Nootropics show effects of vasodilation and increased the blood flow, thus supplying your brain with more oxygen, nutrients, and glucose and causing an almost immediate uplift in energy, mood and ability. While other nootropics are neuroprotective and continued supplementation can lead to long lasting improvement to the health and functioning of your brain. 

If you are striving to operate at your peak mental performance, regain your youthful energy and vitality or give yourself a cognitive boost a nootropic supplement may be for you. 

Top Nootropic Compounds for Energy & Vitality


Amino Acids Tyrosine & Carnitine

Bacopa Monnieri

Rhodiola Rosea

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Besides following a diet routine you can also improve your overall mental health by taking Nootropic dietary supplements to enhance your brain function, cognitive abilities and your overall energy and productivity.