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Quick reads - Bacopa Monnieri

Quick reads - Bacopa Monnieri

What is Bacopa?

Bacopa Monnieri is a traditional herb found predominantly in Asia and South America. Often interchanged for the name Brahmi, Bacopa is classified as an adaptogen (considered to help the body adapt to stressors) and has been used for thousands of years in traditional Indian medicines. Active mechanisms of Bacopa include namely interacting with dopamine and serotonin systems and secondly enhancing the rate at which the nervous system can communicate by increasing the growth rate of nerve endings (dendrites).

Why consume Bacopa?

Bacopa is now used for a myriad of reasons including:

Alzheimer's disease, memory, anxiety, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), allergic conditions, irritable bowel syndrome and as a general tonic to fight stress.

Among the wealth of research conducted on Bacopa’s many health benefits modern supplementation of Bacopa shows consistent statistical evidence of two main area’s:

  1. Cognitive enhancement / Nootropic. A study conducted Swinburn University in Australia concluded Bacon consistently improves: Speed of visual information processing, Leaning rates and Memory consolidation.
  2. Anti-Anxiety. Shown to have significant anxiolytic or anti-anxiety effects, producing a feeling of calmness and tranquility and reducing feelings of stress. Users report that it is an excellent general relaxant and can improve the quality of sleep, so they wake feeling rested and refreshed.


How to consume Bacopa.

A typical dose of Bacopa Monnieri is around 150mg of active Bacosides. To achieve this a consumer must supplement around 300mg of Bacopa Monnieri (around 50% active) or 750mg of Bacopa Leaves (around 20% active).

Bacopa is fat soluble thus has traditionally been consumed with ghee butter, however, consuming Bacopa shortly before or alongside meal is enough to ensure proper absorption.

Bacopa can cause a slowing of the heart rate which may be an issue in those who already suffer from issues relating to slow heart rates.


- Although general and requiring a long time to take effect (4-6 weeks), Bacopa appears to reliably and effectively improve memory in both healthy persons and during cognitive decline - - (Bacopa Monnieri on Anxiety)

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