Vite Brain Drink - Tropical Fruits

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Vite Brain is our flagship Nootropic Formula, containing 9 Nootropic nutrients that nourish the mind to improve cognitive performance, energy & focus. Vite Brain Drink is low in sugar, low in calories and naturally sweetened.

This tub contains 300 Grams (30 Servings) in all natural Tangy Apple flavour.

One scoop is to be added to 250ml-500ml of water dependant upon your preference.  

200mg Choline - For Memory
100mg Panax Ginseng - For Vitality
150mg Bacopa Monnieri - For Focus
150mg Acetyl L Carnitine - For Energy
150mg N Acetyl L Tyrosine - For Motivation
100mg Caffeine & 125mg L Theanine - For Concentration
10mg Vitamin B6 & 25mcg Vitamin B12 - For Neuro Health & Fatigue Reduction
10mg Bioperine - For Absorption


    Vite Brain is a boost in cognitive performance, energy & focus. Available in capsule and drink format; Vite Brain nourishes the mind with 9 key Nootropic ingredients.

    What is a Nootropic?

    A Nootropic is defined as an ingredient that can improve cognitive functions, namely executive functions, memory, creativity and speed. These Nootropic ingredients have been found in nature and used in ancient medicine for millennia, sourced from both plant and animal sources. Recent advances have seen lab manufactured Nootropics gain popularity.

    Vite Brain is a formula designed for daily use and comprises of 9 key natural & vegan Nootropic ingredients that have been combined to target cognitive performance, energy & focus.