Vite Brain

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200mg Choline - For Memory
100mg Panax Ginseng - For Vitality
150mg Bacopa Monnieri - For Focus
150mg Acetyl L Carnitine - For Energy
150mg N Acetyl L Tyrosine - For Motivation
100mg Caffeine & 125mg L Theanine - For Concentration
10mg Vitamin B6 & 25mcg Vitamin B12 - For Neuro Health & Fatigue Reduction
10mg Bioperine - For Absorption


    Vite Brain is a boost in cognitive performance, energy & focus. Available in capsule and drink format; Vite Brain nourishes the mind with 9 key Nootropic ingredients.

    What is a Nootropic?

    A Nootropic is defined as an ingredient that can improve cognitive functions, namely executive functions, memory, creativity and speed. These Nootropic ingredients have been found in nature and used in ancient medicine for millennia, sourced from both plant and animal sources. Recent advances have seen lab manufactured Nootropics gain popularity.

    Vite Brain is a formula designed for daily use and comprises of 9 key natural & vegan Nootropic ingredients that have been combined to target cognitive performance, energy & focus. 

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    Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

    I am so happy with this product. I am more focused and less anxious.

    Sean C
    Hamilton, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Gave me the clarity of mind I needed to get through my 1st year of Nursing

    I became interested in nootropics because I get bad brain fog due to anxiety and was worried about it affecting my studies. I have tried a few other products and supplements in the past but they usually don't work or make my anxiety worse; returning to uni meant I began researching supplements again. I had a lot of intimidating exams this year and came across a well priced sample of VITE. Even on the first day I began to notice a considerable difference, when I felt I was grasping medicine dosage calculations a-lot easier (which is a big deal for me). Over time I've found both my short and long term memory have gotten better, along with my general ability to cope with the workload. The caffeine is very well tolerated too. Even though I can't drink coffee because of palpitations, I have no problem with 2 of these and my morning green tea. I get a nice "zing" for most of the day afterwards. I would throughly recommend to students and anyone who has problems concentrating for long periods of time for a quick and effective helping hand. It's the summer break right now so I only take it when I know I'm going to have a stressful day or a long shift, but I'm glad I this little gem.

    Natalie Watts
    Wallasey, England, United Kingdom

    Clean Energy and Mental Clarity

    I was recommended these by a friend who had done a lot of research into nootropics and was really impressed with the product. Both myself and my friend work full time jobs and also run side businesses so it's hard trying to stay focused and motivated long enough to be able to work on our side hustles by the time we get home from our paid jobs. I was anxious to try Vite Brain but was expecting they would be similar to other caffeine pills which make you feel scatty and jittery after consumption. Vite Brain was the complete opposite! After taking the tablets I can only describe it as a 'clean' energy. My head felt so clear and focused and I was able to maintain focus for so much longer than normal. I was able to work tirelessly for hours on necessary tasks, and I also found that it seemed to get rid of that uncomfortable anxiety that I get when I'm about to start a task that I really don't want to do. I would thoroughly recommend these nootropics for other busy entrepreneurs, and I'm looking forward to trying other products in their line.

    Camilla Martin
    Amersham, England, United Kingdom


    Hannah Allden
    Reading, England, United Kingdom

    Now on my second purchase of this product due to its apparent positive affects. My anxiety and depression have decreased massively with these pills and I feel so much more with it. Thank you!

    Nicholas Wright

    Finally I have found a Nootropic that works.

    I have tried many products similar to this one and stopped them all after a couple of month as I couldn't feel a difference. After about 2 weeks of Vi-Brain it is still working as strong as ever, my focus and productivity is through the roof. It pays for itself 5 x over in productivity gain.

    Tom Horton
    Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

    Great product!

    Absolutely loved Vi-brain focus!

    Rachel Moore

    Couldn’t be better.

    Seems to really enhance brain function. Has really worked for me and will order again! Fast shipping too!

    dave aucott
    Manchester, England, United Kingdom

    I’ve been using vi-brain for 30 days, I’m a full time athlete, climbing in the summer and surfing in the winter. I noticed a improvement in my concentration level after 5 days and shall continue taking this excellent supplement,

    Watford, England, United Kingdom

    Great product!

    This product works for me. I have been taking it for more than four months.