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Our story

Vite definition; Quickly, lively, concisely.

Experiencing the profound benefits certain nutrients can have on our brain & bodily functions, alongside the arduous and confusing process of researching, locating and consuming them (even as a certified nutritionist), Vite Founder Robert Thorp, seeded the thesis of Vite;

To fast-track optimal health & performance of the mass market by making functional nutrition accessible & enjoyable to all.

Fast forward from our first product launch in 2018 we've experienced exponential growth, received notoriety from the likes of Natural Health Magazine, Healthline & The Grocer, featured on BBC Dragons' Den, and most importantly fast-tracked the health & performance of over 25,000 happy customers. The exciting part? We're just getting started.

Our values

Simple, clean & effective products: The plant world has a plethora of delicious, nutrient-dense & benefit-rich ingredients to chose from.

We champion natural functional ingredients that have been tried & tested for millennia, we do all of the heavy lifting, researching & sourcing and deliver these functional nutrients to you through our all-in-one foods, drinks & supplements.

A positive environmental impact: Consumable items often carry heavy burdens on the environment, that does not fly with us or our tribe, and so, we vow to give back to the planet more than we take.
We are proudly Carbon Neutral, we plant a tree with every online order, and all of our products are plant-based (Vegan friendly) & fully recyclable, so you can consume freely, with a clean conscience!

Our products

Vite Brain: Fast-tracking Cognitive Function.

Our once-daily Nootropic formula designed to nourish the mind with everything it needs, enhancing cognitive function, and helping you feel sharper, think faster & focus longer.

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Vite Flora: Fast-tracking Gut Health.
Our gut health-boosting snack bars, providing everything your gut needs to flourish. Flora Bars Prebiotics, Probiotic Live Cultures & Digestive Enzymes aid digestive discomfort and encourage optimal gut health.